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News Flash: Property Tax Deadline +COVID-19 Relief

APRIL 8, 2020 – “I love tax season!” says no one ever. Well, pandemic or not, it’s here. Property taxes are still due Friday, April 10.

Silver lining: There’s help on the horizon for owners who can’t pay on time because of COVID-19 hardships.

Alameda and Contra Costa counties will not charge late-payment penalties.

All you have to do is apply ASAP and be approved. Starting on April 11, taxpayers can file an online penalty cancellation request form provided by their county. Applicants must provide documentation related to how the virus impacts their ability to pay on time, such as loss of work or hospitalization.

As always these days, details to follow, including whether or not you need to pay your taxes at the time you apply for the penalty waiver. We also don’t yet know how long the waiver program will be in place.

Many California counties are offering this relief. Find local details and forms here:

Up next: Stay tuned for Abio’s update on East Bay real estate market conditions. In the meantime, if you have questions about how to buy or sell a home during these uncertain times reach out to me!

As always, stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy! PS - Looking for a way that you can help the first responders? Join our #FeedTheFirst movement! Donate in $10 increments to help buy meals for local first responders and emergency staffs on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Abio Properties and Best Coast Burritos co-founder Alvin Shen joined forces to make this happen, and Abio pledged to match 200 burritos donated, doubling the impact! Click to donate today!


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